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Mosley Motors provides parts and services for FJ40, FJ60, FJ80, FZJ80, UZJ 100 Toyota Land Cruisers. Engine conversions, fuel injections kits, leather upholstery and more.




Not your average 2F

You don’t often hear the terms ‘high performance’ and ‘2F’ used together, but this is not your average 2F. Let’s be honest, the 2F is underwhelming in stock form. It really shines when used for its intended purpose - idling down the trail in low range, the impressive torque pulls these heavy machines with ease. Back in daily life, however, it struggles to keep up with modern vehicles.

Merging on the interstate, passing slow cars, steep hills… these are no longer actions to dread in your cruiser, now you can look forward to them.




More information coming soon. To inquire about having your 2F rebuilt with more power, use the contact us form, or drop us a line at