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Mosley Motors provides parts and services for FJ40, FJ60, FJ80, FZJ80, UZJ 100 Toyota Land Cruisers. Engine conversions, fuel injections kits, leather upholstery and more.




Not your average 2F

You don’t often hear the terms ‘high performance’ and ‘2F’ used together, but this is not your average 2F. Let’s be honest, the 2F is underwhelming in stock form. It really shines when used for its intended purpose - idling down the trail in low range, the impressive torque pulls these heavy machines with ease. Back in daily life, however, it struggles to keep up with modern vehicles.

Merging on the interstate, passing slow cars, steep hills… these are no longer actions to dread in your cruiser, now you can look forward to them.

Take a look when of a race between one of our Hi Power 2Fs and a well-tuned stock spec 2F. Both FJ40s had the same tires and gear ratios, and were otherwise similarly equipped. The difference is astounding.

Let’s face it, no matter how you slice it, rebuilding a 2F is not easy on the wallet. To keep costs down, many engine rebuilders use aftermarket parts sourced from China and Taiwan, or use “forklift” rebuild kits of unknown origin. While this will get them out of the warranty period, these parts are not build with the same quality or consistency as factory Toyota and high quality Japanese or US-made aftermarket parts.

On a typical rebuild, we start with a ‘81 and newer 2F, which uses flat pistons and a closed chamber head. First the head and block are pressure tested on a one-off fixture we manufactured. We use the largest Toyota pistons we can get our hands on and bore & hone the block to fit. The crank is polished or turned as needed and the camshaft is conservatively reground for an improved power band. We use a new Toyota camshaft timing gear, which is the only timing gear on the market with a rubber dampener for quiet operation. Pistons and rods are weight-balanced to the lightest rod for smooth operation. The bottom end is then reassembled with high quality US made rings and Japanese bearings.

The head is where the magic happens. The Toyota valves are replaced with modern stainless domestic valves which are lighter and larger diameter, and utilize modern progressive springs and modern stem seals. These valves breathe easier and last longer than the stock valves. Valve seats are CNC-cut to remove as much restrictions as possible. Once the valves are installed, the heads are CC’d for volume and milled to a precise, calculated compression ratio; we do not guess or mill a standard amount. Compression ratio can be tailored to run either standard or premium grade fuel.

These motors look as beautiful as they run. The block and head receive several layers of premium high temperature paint, while the engine covers are media-blasted and powder coated before assembly with new, stainless metric hardware. We personally hand-assemble each motor to assure it meets our standards.

We recommend upgrading to fuel injection to maximize performance, drivability, and engine life. If a carburetor is desired or required for smog, we are happy to recommend a competent rebuilder.

Typical cost of a high-performance rebuild is around $6,000 for a fully assembled long block. We prefer to build your motor, but do often have cores available to be built on an exchange basis or purchased outright. Freight shipping is available.

Additional services are reasonable and available a la carte. We are happy to blast & powdercoat accessory brackets and bell housings, as well as supply and install new or rebuilt accessories and fuel injection system.

We recognize that sometimes the budget is limited, and more than happy to assist in a more “standard” spec rebuild.

If you are interested in a Super HiPo 2F, we have a few more tricks up our sleeve that require custom pistons and rods. This is a good option for those considering a V8 or diesel swap, but want to keep a 2F under the hood for original looks.

To inquire about having your 2F rebuilt, use the contact us form, or drop us a line at