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Mosley Motors provides parts and services for FJ40, FJ60, FJ80, FZJ80, UZJ 100 Toyota Land Cruisers. Engine conversions, fuel injections kits, leather upholstery and more.

Leather Interiors

80 Series Dark Brown Leather.jpg

Land Cruiser mechanicals are built to last for many decades. Unfortunately, your leather interior is not. It is a natural product that is not able to stand up to the years and years of intense sun, heat, cold, and constant wear and tear. Fortunately we have a solution.

We work with one of the top US auto leather manufacturers to provide top quality leather upholstery to the Toyota community. We can provide leather replacement upholstery for 60, 80, and 100 series Land Cruisers, as well as FJ Cruisers, Tacomas, and 4 Runners. 

We have stock colors and custom colors available. We are also offering Seat Coolers! That's right, SEAT COOLERS! These Katzkin Degreez ventilated heating & cooling kits are like those found in many high end cars. Perfect for long days on the trail or road.

These kits are made to order in North America, and usually arrive at your doorstep in two weeks or less. Professional installation is recommended for the best fit, but with enough patience, you can install these yourself. 

Please contact us or email cam@mosleymotors for with any questions or to inquire about vehicles not shown.