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Mosley Motors provides parts and services for FJ40, FJ60, FJ80, FZJ80, UZJ 100 Toyota Land Cruisers. Engine conversions, fuel injections kits, leather upholstery and more.

TBI Fuel Injection Kits


One of the common problems in aging Land Cruisers are carburetors in need of rebuild. Hard starting, lagging acceleration, non-working secondaries, and poor gas mileage are all symptoms of a neglected carb. Carburetor rebuilding is a dying art, and the number of experts in the U.S. we trust to rebuild a Land Cruiser carb can be counted on one hand.

One option to rebuilding your carburetor is to upgrade to modern fuel injection. Throttle Body Injection is essentially an electronic carburetor that constantly monitors the fuel/air ratio and perfectly delivers the right amount of fuel through two injectors.

Difficult cold starting is a thing of the past. Perfect fuel atomization from the injectors allows you to drive before waiting for the intake system to heat up. Additionally, the MAP sensor monitors the atmospheric pressure to adjust for changes in elevation. You get modern vehicle drive-ability in your classic Cruiser.

These kits come standard with a high quality inline Walbro fuel pump, but we offer special pricing to substitute one of our in-tank fuel pump modules for a cleaner install and increased long-term reliability.

There are two main types of EFI kits for the 2F - The Howell TBI systems, and the Holley Sniper self-learning EFI systems. The Howell system utilizes the tried & true GM TBI units. Parts for these proven systems are easily found at every parts store across the country. The Holley Sniper system is a self-contained, self-learning system that is easy to install. The fast, modern ECU is located on the throttle body and, once a few start up parameters are entered, it “learns” your engine and constantly optimizes the fuel mapping to its internal software.

We are fans of both systems and are happy to discuss the pros & cons of each and help you decide which system is right for you.

Shipping to the continental U.S. is included in the price shown. Feel free to contact us with any questions or inquire about installation - we are big fans of EFI conversions for vintage Toyota Landcruisers.