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Mosley Motors provides parts and services for FJ40, FJ60, FJ80, FZJ80, UZJ 100 Toyota Land Cruisers. Engine conversions, fuel injections kits, leather upholstery and more.

In-Tank Fuel Pumps

In-Tank Fuel Pumps



One of the challenges in converting your vehicle to fuel injection, whether a simple TBI conversion or more intensive LS swap, is how to deliver fuel to the motor reliably and under all driving conditions. The easiest solution is an externally mounted inline pump, but these can be noisy and prone to failure. Inline pumps are exposed to the elements, and can experience vapor lock and cavitation.

To prevent these problems, modern vehicle manufactures use an in-tank pump arrangement. The pump is submerged in the fuel, which keeps them running cooler, with less noise, and prevents cavitation and vapor lock.

Retrofitting your non-EFI tank to a modern in-tank setup is easy with these In-Tank Fuel Pump Modules from Tanks Inc. We use these modules exclusively in our shop installs, and have experience mounting them in stock FJ40 and FJ60 tanks for TBI and LS conversions. 

The PA Series module, which includes a built-in reservoir tray, is perfectly suited for stock FJ40 tanks or other tanks without an internal baffle or reservoir tray.

FJ60 tanks, which have a reservoir tray built in to the tank from the factory, are a perfect match for the GPA Series module.

These modules are made in the USA of zinc plated heavy guage steel, and feature Genuine high performance Walbro pumps.